It is important to feel confident no matter what the season may be and you guys wouldn’t believe if I told you that accessorizing has never been my strong point. I can easily put together an outfit but as soon as it comes to accessorizing my mind goes completely blank. What colours are best? Am I over accessorizing? Have I gone into hipster mode? These questions will take over my mind then I’ll end up leaving the house with nothing but my tiny studs that never leave my ears.

I, myself, would prefer to accessorize in a minimalist style and I would be going for a luxurious look to complete an outfit. My new watch from JORD Watches does exactly that and I couldn’t be happier about what I have selected. This watch in particular has a slight gold tint around the rim that gives it a feminine touch and it is made out of a beautiful wood that screams unique and delicate.



This season I am taking chances with my fall fashion and JORD Watches have allowed me to open my mind to seeing that “being different” can also mean “special” and “one of a kind”.  That is exactly what I think of when looking at my Frankie 35 Series Dark Sandalwood & Slate watch as there is no other one like it. When was the last time you guys saw a wooden watch this beautiful?

These natural tones embedded into the watch give an elegant, sophisticated feel and I can surely see myself pairing this watch with many of my A/W season styles so keep a good eye out for it!

Luxury Wooden Watch

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  1. Hyacinth Francis
    October 25, 2017 / 4:45 pm

    That watch is ticking my girl….I love the natural authentic look. I gotta get me one for Christmas 👌

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