Happy New Year if you guys haven’t heard that enough in the past 3 days!

I have had the most amazing couple of days with my other half over the new year period and it has encouraged me to write this post. I am entering this year with a different type of challenge and that is to be selfish with myself in terms of my time. Most of 2017 I have spent on my phone or on Netflix or spending hours in front of the TV and I have realised that all of that time I will not gain back. Have I began to waste my life glaring into a screen for hours on end?

This year for me is about experiences and spending more time with not only the important people in my life but, with myself. I am not major on reading books but I am going to encourage myself to read a lot more – obviously that would be a VOGUE magazine. I have managed to piece together my perfect “NO PHONE ZONE” that consists of burning one of my favourite candles, my favourite read and of course a caramel frapp.


Current favourite candle ‘GEMPORIA – CHRISTMAS CHEER’ – HERE

Your time is the one thing you have control over and what better time to be selfish with it than this new year?! I pledge to commit to using my days off to have some ‘me time’ and having more control over how I spend my time. I also pledge to putting away my phone when around loved ones to engage in conversation and actually make the most of the time I have.

What have you set yourself for this year?

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