It’s that time of year again where you made the decision to go back to university to try and better your adult life. Why does that sound so depressing to our generation? I still cannot give you the answer. Something about the idea of 9am lectures just doesn’t sit well with the majority of us – sorry. But, for those that are having a blast at university, I wish that was my reality so keep living your best life.

For me, I work 22.5 hours alongside being a student fulltime so luckily for you guys, my blog is the only thing keeping me pretty much sane so, giving you content and travelling to London in the early hours of the morning to shoot an outfit is my idea of fun.

Whether you are returning to university or maybe it is your first time going, here are some random things you should keep in mind and I wish I would have had someone tell me before I moved nearly 4 hours away from my home.

  • Don’t worry if you don’t make many friends in class ( You’ll find friends elsewhere, most of my dearest friends I made through blogging. Pick up a hobby or join a club of interest and you’re bound to make good friends there)
  • Make sure you have your mum/dad write you a shopping list (At 20 years old I still ring and ask my mum what food I am in the mood for, like seriously? Grow up already Taylor! But, this will save you spending your money on food you don’t really want and in the long run most likely to last you longer also.)
  • Keep a close eye out for money hungry landlords ( They all know when your loan is due and will try to charge you for absolutely everything – even mess that isn’t yours so, try to be the best tenant so you aren’t on their radar)
  • Invest in a 16-25 railcard ( I only just purchased one and I can say I have saved a lot of money. You will have those days where you are homesick and you just need to be on the next train home so bare that in mind)
  • PAY ALL YOUR BILLS FIRST WHEN YOUR LOAN COMES ( I cannot stress the importance of this. I cannot count the amount of times my mum and boyfriend had to transfer me money in my first year. Don’t let online stores persuade you into bulk buying in the sales before you pay your rent, phone bill and transport fees)
  • Don’t keep bad company (There are plenty of students that go to university  simply for fun and there is nothing wrong with that but remember that everyone has their own journey and eventually all those nights out will catch up with you. You don’t have to go to every single party or outing especially around exam time unless you can 100% handle it. Re-sits aren’t great for anyone and these grades do matter more than initially thought, it’s not just about passing.)

  • Utilise your discounts as much as you can ( Your entire wish-list of products you want to buy will be on student discount sooner or later. Use this time to invest in purchases you wouldn’t normally buy e.g. a laptop, camera, microwave, furniture, TV… the list can go on. Yes, these are the 3 most carefree years of your life however, it has to end at some time. Students receive a crazy mount of money and just blow it, if you’re smart you’ll buy things you can use once you graduate and begin your adult life. Trust me you don’t want to buy these things once you leave because it is simply going to be money you do not want to spend.)
  • Try your best to not opt for an overdraft (Thankfully, I have never done this but it is crazy how many do and end up regretting it. Just think of an overdraft as money that is not yours, kind of like in those crazy American movies where the money is technically some big drug dealer’s and you wouldn’t dare spend it haha. But seriously, it isn’t your money and you will have to pay all of it back and to be quite honest I guarantee 90% of us are already in debt just for making the decision to go to university so do you need any more debt? I think not.)

So enjoy this new academic year guys, stay safe!



  1. Hyacinth Francis
    September 20, 2017 / 9:13 pm

    Really good advice Taylor Taylor 👌who better to do so than the person who’s experienced it. I’m so proud of you and your achievements baby girl….keep going sweetie, you are almost there.
    I can’t wait to have you home!!!! Please be safe hun….love you darling ❤

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