It’s that time of year again where you made the decision to go back to university to try and better your adult life. Why does that sound so depressing to our generation? I still cannot give you the answer. Something about the idea of 9am lectures just doesn’t sit well with the majority of us – sorry. But, for those that are having a blast at university, I wish that was my reality so keep living your best life.

For me, I work 22.5 hours alongside being a student fulltime so luckily for you guys, my blog is the only thing keeping me pretty much sane so, giving you content and travelling to London in the early hours of the morning to shoot an outfit is my idea of fun.

Whether you are returning to university or maybe it is your first time going, here are some random things you should keep in mind and I wish I would have had someone tell me before I moved nearly 4 hours away from my home.

So enjoy this new academic year guys, stay safe!

2 responses to “SURVIVING UNIVERSITY: 101”

  1. Hyacinth Francis says:

    Really good advice Taylor Taylor 👌who better to do so than the person who’s experienced it. I’m so proud of you and your achievements baby girl….keep going sweetie, you are almost there.
    I can’t wait to have you home!!!! Please be safe hun….love you darling ❤

  2. Love this post! Such good advice 😘

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