After settling back into my reality and my normal working routine I can finally accept that I am no longer in the beautiful city of Marrakech. But in no shape or form can I say that I’m not missing the beautiful weather, the sunsets and unlimited cocktails and upon arrival it was made clear to me that the city take so much pride in themselves. This is due to the immaculate airport and the bathrooms they provided there. Side note: I am a massive bathroom freak as in, I judge everywhere and everyone on the state and presentation of their bathrooms. That may be TMI but I had to give you a background to my logic ha!

We had a beautiful stay at the Labranda Targa Club Aquapark in Marrakech and the lobby is the definition of breath-taking. I was sceptical about the hotel at first as I have turned into one of those adults that would rather enjoy my holidays without kids running around (this is coming from someone that turned 20 only a week ago, I know the irony) but it had definitely exceeded my expectations. The resort was surrounded by an array of different pools so you didn’t have to be around the busiest ones everyday and it makes a difference when a company takes into consideration that people want to vacation for different reasons and I cannot sing their praises enough.

From constantly going back and forth between the resort and the rural streets of morocco I definitely saw the best of both worlds and I cannot express the feeling of taking in another culture and a way of life that is completely different to your own. I honestly encourage travel so much to my peers as it opens your mind to so much more than the condensed life we tend to live. One moment we would be in a built up modernised area and then literally two-minutes down the street there would be the most beautiful handcrafted stalls that the locals have built for their businesses. It could be anything from jewellery, crafts, fashion pieces to the biggest and most fresh fruit you’ve ever seen at a price you would dream to come across in your local store. Luckily, my mom and I found  trusty local who offered to show us the “real” Marrakech totally free of charge which was so kind. He took us to around 10-20 beautiful Riads to the markets his family work in to the famous square that is their main tourist attraction. It was truly an amazing experience and if you haven’t put Morocco on your bucket list, I suggest you get it on there ASAP.

To my “Travel Diary”,

This stunning city has made me feel truly overwhelmed. I cannot pick which bit of it I loved the most so, I have decided that I really want this to be a journey through photography. I love writing on my blog but sometimes photography speaks for itself so here are my moments captured in the beautiful MARRAKECH.

With Love…x





  1. Ashley says:

    Babe!! hahaha sunshine and unlimited cocktails sounds amazing!!!! Love these pictures. It’s definitely on my list and hope to get there soon!! You have a beautiful blog!!




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