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If many of you do not know this already, yes I am indeed a qualified beauty therapist and have been for just over 4 years now. In the middle of doing my A-levels, applying to university and working part time in retail I managed to find the time to complete this qualification on a night course.

Not to “toot” my own horn but I would say your girl has some exceptional skills in relation to time management and hopefully this post will encourage you to do more with your time! (without mentally draining yourself of course)


My first initial thought before taking on anything into my daily routine is, “How much time do I have?” As a full-time student, my lecturers would all agree that I have no time to be doing much else but studying and I should take keep my work hours to a minimum also. But I say, no one knows how long they have on the earth right? So I may as well have a bit of fun whilst I’m here!

Even if you have one free day within your week, make sure you use that time to do something you would enjoy! You have the opportunity to work and sleep every single day but things such as beginning a fitness journey, learning a new skill, taking yoga classes or even cooking classes all have one common factor – meeting new people. Managing your time will become a lot easier when you think of everyday stresses as exactly that. Something you can stress over everyday of your life. New opportunities and new people don’t come around that often especially if you have finished basic education so, you may as well give yourself the chance to do just that!

Luckily for myself, both my jobs, blogging and being a beauty therapist have put me in a position where I will endlessly meet new people and have amazing opportunities but that comes along with the downfall that I am doing something 24/7 – literally everyday of the week.

If you learn to fall in love with something that makes you happy then I encourage you to make the time, no matter how tired you may be! As someone very close to my heart tells me – “I can rest when I die” haha!

Once you guys start something new or you already do something you love, leave me a comment and let me know!


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