So, I know a few of you guys have been waiting for this post as this is what most of you girls have been asking me and want to know so, finally here it is!
Disclaimer: In no way am I an expert or claiming that these things will most definitely make you successful in the blogging world. However, here are some tips and starters on how I have managed to grow my audience on my blog massively.
Yes, very cliche to start with but I cannot stress how important it is to remain who you are. It is so easy to look at other people on social media and just want to create what they do but there is already one of them so the world doesn’t need another. Not everyone will like or be interested in your blog but trust me there will be many who will. No one can be you and that is your strength, play on that and honestly those who really like you will be there to stay!
Personally, I have been following blogs for years however, I know that is not the case for everyone. Some people honestly just want to start one and not have a clue what to do but that is completely normal and fine to do. My advice is to know what you want to blog about then start thinking about the direction you want to take your blog in. This way it is easier to stay consistent and easier for your audience to follow. Use instagram as your tool to find bloggers that interest you and have a look at a range of pages so you’ll end up knowing how you would want yours to look and be.
As you guys will know, the blogging world is fast and growing more now than ever before and the game has really stepped up. I am not saying you need the best equipment however, the more professional and established your blog and pictures look the better!
Worldpress and Blogger the top 2 most used platforms for bloggers as they are easy to operate and you can almost find videos and tutorials for them anywhere so, these are a great starting point! Personally, I advise that you start straight on WordPress as I have had to learn the hard way and migrate my entire blogger site to that platform which is unbelievably a better choice.
Depending on the nature of your blog, you can utilise your friends and family to help you out and take pictures of you! They are the ones that want to see you grow and flourish so why wouldn’t they help? Don’t be afraid to ask, as long as you tell them how to take your style of pictures then it should be straight forward. A tip is to show them pictures of bloggers that you love and show them exactly what to try and aim for!
Lastly, no one is going to know about your blog or believe in it unless you do! Promote it on your social media platforms and tell basically everyone about it, especially if you are proud of what you’ve produced. Be sure to get people reading and keeping tuned into what you’re doing as it’s your little baby that you have full control over.

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