Entering your twenties is pretty much a snowball effect of confusion, career searching and your peers seem to be developing their own little families. At what point do we stop feeling like everything isn’t good enough for us? And what is a change that we can put in effect when embarking on our twenties?

After completing our educational route it’s fair to say most of us get stuck in a frivolous routine that doesn’t serve our true passions and ambitions leading to the crazy feeling that we think everyone else is doing better than us or that they have it figured out when in reality non of us do. This post comes from having a drink or two with one of my girlfriends and having her give me a reality check that is it basically ok not to be completely ok and figuring it out doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Have fun whilst doing it!

I believe from your 20’s-30’s are where the most crucial points in your life happen and society wants us to have it all figured out within the first five years when realistically that isn’t the case. I have had multiple moments when I have had a break-down thinking my entire life is at risk of failure when in reality it is just a dramatic moment that could be avoided.



Moving onto why you’re here, how to deal with your uncertainty…


As cliche as that sounds it doesn’t need to be anything others would deem as unachievable, it could simply be completing your studies, learning how to cook, passing your driving test, become financially stable within the next 12 months. The list is endless… Putting your focus onto one goal creates ambition in your mental realm, and creating freedom around your schedule to achieve this would allow you to realise other things you may not completely be in tune with.


Are you going to work and going home religiously everyday? Are you eating  the same meals over and over? Watching the same programmes that channel your body into a sluggish state? How can you either change or add onto this routine to make your days seem more bearable. Having one thing to look forward can change your whole perspective on your day. Eating somewhere you have never been before opens up new conversations and takes your mind into a new place you never thought of.


Millennial’s. I am certain you have all come across this term that is now used to describe our generation. This term is used when predicting our modern behaviour and somehow researchers claim they know the moves we will make or won’t make. But isn’t that the best part? We are known for not following a traditional route when it comes to our lives. We are known for not wanting to be tied down but wanting to experience the wonders of this world. Our experience on this earth is more important than paying the same old bills over and over. So why not go travelling or book a trip to somewhere you would ever imagine visiting? I cannot even begin to explain the refreshing feeling of exploring other cultures and meeting other people. This experience could even realign what it is you want to do with your life and put into perspective what is and isn’t important.


As much as it would have made sense to include this in school curriculum’s unfortunately it is not. Saving something as little as £20 a month is better than nothing. We generally aren’t taught what do do with our money when we get paid and as much as it seems everyone on Instagram has it figured out believe me they don’t. So you are not doing anything wrong. Have an idea of something long term that you wold like to save for whether that is a house or a car or even a designer bag. Whatever that may be it is most important to train your mind to put money aside for rainy days and alongiside that uncertainty disappears as you are not constantly thinking about how you are going to make it through the year. Financial stability can really put the mind at peace. It is not the key to happiness but it sure as hell makes you feel a whole lot better about your situation.

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