We  have always heard our parents tell us that they are not “Susan’s” parent’s they’re yours –  right?  And when “Susan” could go to house parties and stay out later than you and you couldn’t it was more than annoying. I’d usually end up finding myself upstairs and creating a master plan of how I was going to move out – never went quite to plan. But, at my current age I am more than grateful my mum stuck to her gut and told me “no” to a lot of my requests to do what my age mates were doing as a younger teen. She didn’t double guess her parenting to others and knew what was right for her child, and if I say myself I didn’t turn out too bad.

Comparison is a hell of a thing and in some cases it can take over and stop you from being great at what you do. It’s such a hard thing to not compare yourself to others, especially when you’re working in the same field but it’s so important to remember that everyone has to take different paths. What is meant for you isn’t for others and vice versa. Luckily, I have amazing friends to remind me of this when I am doubting myself and it’ll put me right back on track. When you’re spending all your time watching others you can end up missing blessings that are meant for you. And most of the time someone else is valuing what you do and probably comparing themselves to you and it can turn into a ripple effect. Nobody wants that because we will all end up being like one another – and lets be honest, that’s boring!




Your path is special and carved out for you and you only! You may have to go through certain things before life takes you where it needs to. Bumps in the road may be in store for you and your growth and even to help you learn something along the way you will need to use later on in life. Yes “Susan” might seem to be doing better, she might even be doing it with flying colours but remember you never know what people are doing privately or going through to be in certain situations. Even if they are doing well and there’s no hidden agenda, congratulate that person because there is a high chance they’ve worked hard to be where they are and you might need to step up your game. Whatever thoughts you have turn it into a positive because I don’t have the time for negativity and neither should you…

Comparison can be closely linked to “low-key” jealousy and no one should be that guy/girl who is not minding their own business and snooping around in other peoples garden’s. When you feel yourself comparing yourself to others just remind yourself why you’re different, why you stand out and what you can bring to the table. This post is directed towards any type of work but if it applies to you in a different aspect then just adapt it…it could even relate to comparing the way you look to others…please remember you have as much value as anybody else.

Once you learn to stop comparing yourself, believe me you’ll start to grow as a person, suddenly a new confidence adds to your character because you will actually start to believe that what you are doing is of high quality and why shouldn’t you be ranked amongst those who you hold to a high standard?

This is just a food for thought and maybe I am sublimely talking to myself but if you’re having any doubts about what you feel is meant for you then I hope this has snapped you out of it and reminded you that you are great too! If you have any ideas to help others when it comes to comparison leave me a comment down below!

Stay true to what you’re doing and believe in yourself (I need to take my own advice) but, once you keep reinforcing these thoughts it’ll get easier to remind yourself that whatever it is you do is good enough and eventually all your hard work will pay off…when the time is right for you.





    • Taylor
      May 12, 2017 / 11:32 am

      Yes exactly, it’s so important to catch ourselves when we begin to do it

  1. Hyacinth Francis
    May 12, 2017 / 10:37 am

    Very positive encouragement Taylor, keep aiming for the sky, if you can only reach the stars that’s just ad good. ..

    • Taylor
      May 12, 2017 / 11:33 am

      Thank you mum! Xx

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