Veganism, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Gym, Dieting, Sustainability… Can you think of anymore things that relate to this new trend-like lifestyle?

It’s been around 3 years in the making however, more recently, (the past 2 months) my lifestyle has taken a major turn unexpectedly. Now your girl is infamously known for hating the gym and when I say hate I mean I have joined the gym around 10 times previously and quit within the first week. I spent days trying to force myself to love working out but nothing would stick.

Now relating back to 3 years ago my diet took a major turn… food poisoning in Malta. My friend thought it was a good idea to have seafood on the last night and let’s just say I had to take a month off work when I came back home. My body was never the same and I didn’t understand why. Fast-forwarding to the present day I now know I am lactose intolerent due to that incident and my food habits have changed massively.

So what have we already learnt?

  1. This post has something to do with fitness
  2. This post has something to do with food

I don’t want to sound like one of those preachy people who have picked up a new healthy lifestyle and is begging everyone to join the bandwagon because that wouldn’t work on me especially if I am comfortable eating whatever the hell I like to.

Instead I am letting you guys in on 3 habits you may want to pick up this year to not only help your physical self but your mental state also. It’s not new news that I am a girl who has anxiety and previously has been through depression so let’s skip over that bit but for those who are new here –  you are caught up.

  1. YOGA

Never in my life did I ever think I’d become that person but here I am at 21 being that person. So before you roll your eyes at me at least get through this first suggestion. And if I have convinced my strong willed mother then you’d want to hear this. When you think of yoga I am sure a stereotypical type of girl comes to mind with a sweatband and an amazing figure, first of all non of those two things are me now so there’s still hope for you. I didn’t ever think about yoga when it came to my anxiety but going through a breakup, finishing uni, moving back home and starting a new job does a lot to your mind. You almost feel lost. Yoga has become something I do to ease my mind. It doesn’t have to be an hour long class ect. It can be even 10 minutes of simple movements that allow you to reflect on your day – the good and bad and helps you to remove any negative energy you have built up in your body. Alongside this let me tell you, you end up building up some strength – the downward dog isn’t so easy hunny. If you aren’t into attending classes then don’t worry there is an easy app for beginners I use called “Yoga” – wow mind-blowing right? All you have to do is set up your phone in a room and go for it. They have classes for different things an of course my mums favourite is the Night Stretch as you are legitimately not leaving the floor. So give it a whirl.


Now there are so many reasons why you should do this. First of all you can’t sit on the other side of this screen and tell me you don’t enjoy food, go on I dare you…

I am not here saying everyone must go healthy and try healthy food (if you do. that is a plus) but honestly ever since I am unable to have dairy and I am trying out being meat free I have uncovered a whole new world of eating. And the crazy thing is, it’s all ingredients and food we all have in our kitchen everyday. So before you switch off I am not encouraging spending £££ on eating out – I’m talking about new meals to make at home and when I say I look forward to eating more now then ever I mean it. I’m the type of person who lets mum do all the cooking – and still do but I just give her all my new recipes. Two IG accounts you need to follow




As we are all aware or I would hope so, our planet is in a mess basically and we massively contribute to that. Key word – contribute so please don’t bite my head off, I am fully aware that the planet does what it needs to, to cleanse its self. As someone who is mainly a fashion blogger I am more aware of how much clothes I go through and what wearing something once and throwing it away is doing to our planet. The habit of being more mindful when shopping is something you need to take inconsideration for the next generation. Any PLT shoppers here? PLT have recently launched a new section called RECYCLED BY PRETTYLITTLETHING

I don’t know about you but I think this is amazing! Currently it is just basic wear but how many of us love basics anyway? Any little changes in your life will make a difference on a larger scale this could be purchasing a metal straw instead of using plastic ones, using cleansers to wash off your makeup instead of using wipes or re-using bottles instead of buying plastics ones. This not only makes you feel that you are doing your bit but also helps the planet in the long run.

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