In this digital age it can be very hard to fully accept the way you look/are  because of social media and I don’t want other girls to think that it’s not common to feel this way or think that other people don’t feel this way sometimes. I have really had to step back a little and just remind myself that social media is literally a place that people want to share good things and the best bits of themselves so, it’s rare you’ll find people showing negative aspects of their lives. So, don’t get caught up in the idea that most people look that way all the time because is it definitely not true – still beautiful in their own right however, they’re not full glam all the time.

I am definitely still on my journey of self love but, I can not stress how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin – that to me is the base. Everything else is something to help me enhance my beauty and not to make me look beautiful.


So this isn’t a negative post, I will never be someone to put others down but to hopefully encourage those around or watching me. (P.S. To those gals that are confident in their own skin, slay and help those around you to be the same)Here are some steps you can take…




Try these out and let me know how it goes!
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2 responses to “HOW TO: PRACTICE SELF-LOVE”

  1. Shannon Kara says:

    Love this post. Especially because it’s so difficult nowadays with the media constantly pushing ‘perfection’ in our faces so I agree, we really have to love ourselves because if we don’t, how can anyone else? Your second point is my fave and I would have to agree, walk with your head held high, walk with pride! Don’t hide that beauty for anyone! Great post hun

    • Taylor says:

      Yes exactly! Especially because we are all so beautiful in our own ways! I am so happy you enjoyed and are taking something from my post, thank you for reading babe xx

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