Hey babes, it has been a very long time since I posted here! Please forgive me!

As we have officially entered the summer season I have managed to curate a crap load of summertime clothing and ones I would not usually opt for. Now if you have followed me for a while it is very rare that you would see me in print clothing. In fact, you would never see me in print clothing but I couldn’t seem to stop visiting this particular one on the website.

Usually this is the way I can decide whether I want an item or not, I will see how many times I end up visiting the item online and then think, right Taylor you obviously love this piece.

This piece is one from AXPARIS and it is called the “Black Frill Hem Playsuit

This beautiful piece is firstly a cold shoulder playsuit and from my previous post “The Most Flattering Neckline you will wear this season” we all know that this is definitely a tick in my checklist for summer clothing. Secondly the print isn’t a “loud” print, and what I mean by this is that it is beautifully patterned and doesn’t scream at people whilst you walk down the street. It is beautiful in its own way and very flattering to the body shape. Now as this is a playsuit I for one had to add some height to the outfit so I paired it with some low strappy heels and a blush pink bag to compliment the colours on the playsuit.

Now, are you guys wearing print this season? Do tell… I would love to see what you guys are opting for!


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