After an array of exams at university I’m finally back, I’m sure you’ve all missed my witty posts and poor humour but, if not then I’m glad you are here to see what I have to say. Moving along…I was scrolling on twitter not too long ago just to find my daily humour as the usual teen in this generation would – when really I should have been going over work that will help me obtain this degree. And for some reason I clicked on a link that a girl had posted with the caption “Grab this whilst you can before everyone else gets a hold of it”  or something to the effect of that and of course Nosey Nancy over here had to find out what it was. To be quite honest with you guys its the best thing I’ve done all month lol.

The link took me straight to MANGO’s website and there was a bag a didn’t even know I wanted. I instantly could see that this was going to the best replica of the Chloe Nile Bag I was going to get so, this bank holiday pay day weekend I treated myself.


Mango Bag – HERE

I think I can go ahead and now crown myself the Queen of bargain hunting because this one I am definitely proud of and couldn’t wait to share on my blog. The quality of the bag is amazing and the most incredible thing about this bag is that you can hold it from its metallic handle and look super sassy when heading out. I decided to pair this bag with an outfit entirely from MissGuided with an off white vibe. This look is perfect for lunching in this exceptional weather here in the UK that we have been having recently or even for a classy night out with the girls.

White Shirt – HERE

High-Waisted Trousers- HERE


With summer approaching, clothing pieces that are loose but accentuate the figure are so essential to looking fabulous without the pressure of trying to get a ‘summer body’. I’m one of those girls that lie to myself every year about dieting and losing weight when really I know that my love for food comes before anything else. Therefore, most of the time if you were to ever come across me I will be wearing high waisted pants, or a loose fitting dress or shirt because, number one these pieces are usually your simple and tidy pieces and number two, going for drinks or food can always be on your list of things to do because no one will see that food baby you are hiding! Furthermore I will definitely be bringing you more ways to wear this bag so keep a good look out!


3 responses to “THE CHLOE NILE DUPE FT. MANGO”

  1. Becks says:

    You look absolutely stunning! I love the way you styled this whole outfit, so classy clean and chic!

  2. Tashpantz says:

    Looking good girl! Love the colour palette and that bag is gorge! Xx

  3. Hyacinth Francis says:

    That look absolutely fabulous. I could get the entire outfit for my upcoming holiday. I love it TayTay x

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