We have officially entered AW17 and if you haven’t already been on the hunt for your staple pieces this season then I can tell you that you are not planning to spend your money wisely. I have completely redefined my ideology of shopping wisely and some of the staple pieces I will point out to you will last you from winter to winter as the years go by.

Staple pieces as far as I am concerned, are what we should be keeping for years and years and the items that should never go out of style each A/W season. Impulse buying is something that I would do very often when I began blogging and I wish I had someone to cap my spending allowance and educate me about investing into fashion a little bit more.

Timeless pieces are definitely now what I am searching for – QUALITY OVER QUANTITY 

I would not be any good if I didn’t give you all my “Starter Pack” to shopping wisely so, you will be able to find these in my Shop My Wardrobe Section and below:

AVIATOR JACKET – This is something to wear in A/W when you are having a dress down day, quick to throw on and makes you look stylish whilst running your everyday errands. Grab a pair of black jeans (or leggings if you are obsessed with comfort like me), a pair of trainers and finish the outfit with a cute and small tote bag.

THIGH HIGH BOOTS – For AW17 these will be my favourite item as I have been exposed to a new way of styling them and it is everything I have been looking for. Just imagine a cute white/nude swing dress alongside a short black jacket and thigh highs…

BLACK SHINY HEELED OR FLAT BOOTS – These should be your everyday go-to shoe. You cannot go wrong with a slight sheen on your shoes to sass up an outfit and add a bit of glam to your look. Whether you are heading to work, college, university or for drinks, these will be appropriate for any outing.

LONG-LINED COAT – A long-lined coat is the perfect item in terms of a quick fix to a classy look. Paired with some boots or court shoes you will look very much put together. Even though this item is most likely to be very pricey it is a very good investment because you can never go wrong with having one in your wardrobe.

FAUX FUR COAT – This item is optional as I know how much it can draw a lot of attention. But if you do opt to grab one this season make sure you go all out! I am all for sass and standing out in the winter because not many tend to go bold. Even though I personally couldn’t pull off a bold colour I am very much looking forward to seeing colour palettes and how others will experiment with faux fur.


  1. patricia says:

    You both are looks so a la mode in this dress at the road side. I truly adore this outfits how to get this most slick design thoughts.

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