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Who else has curated a massive winter wardrobe over the excessive winter sales especially Black Friday? Everyone? I guess I am not alone with this one then…

It is always at this time of year that the sun comes peaking through and like myself, most of us have collected a vast amount of black clothes into their wardrobe. Not to worry as this post is here to help you move your winter clothes into this odd time of year where we are stuck in between winter and spring and somehow the English weather manages to incorporate all 4 seasons into one day.

First is this black jumpsuit from Femmeluxefinery. Now, I am sure we all purchased a jumpsuit at the end of 2018 if you didn’t, click HERE because you need one and you can shop the jumpsuits section. To style this gorgeous but easy to wear jumpsuit I paired it with a cosy jacket, strappy heels and of course a pair of sunnies for the winter sun. If you’re down south and have the joy of having better weather than we do up north then you could lose the jacket and throw a cross-body bag over  your jumpsuit for the perfect spring/winter outfit.

Next in my black spring closet are these delicious PVC leggings. This is one of those items you never knew you needed until you have them and you’ll never turn back. (I have even added them to my workwear wardrobe – obsessed). This year I am all up for mixing textures and pretty much any other material you have in your wardrobe, to wear on your top half (no matter the colour), will contrast so beautifully with these leggings.  If I encourage you to do anything with your outfits this year, it would be to mix your textures. It creates a beautiful silhouette and you are guaranteed everyone stopping you in the street asking where you got them from. As crazy as it sounds, this texture isn’t an easy find on the high street so I have popped a link HERE to shop trousers with Femmeluxefinery.

Alongside my PVC leggings, this oversized jumper had caught my eye. I am not sure if it is just me but, I have found that I do not have a collection of unique tops or jumpers in my wardrobe that I can easily opt for when going out with friends or on a date or even shopping with my shopaholic mum!

It’s at that time where layering up ends up in masses of sweat but not wearing something cosy can make you freeze to death. This jumper is a perfect medium between the two especially with the batwing sleeves draping down the arms. Having an off the shoulder jumper shows enough for it to be dressy and look very sassy on a day to day outing. You can shop knitwear – HERE

Lastly, is this black wrap dress which has gorgeous complimenting detail on the chest area that would suit any bust size. This midi dress is perfect as is it something you can dress up or dress down on a cold spring day or night. The material of this dress is a comfortable stretchy type so it moulds perfectly to any body shape. I can envision bringing this into summer and it being my go-to for day events in the sunshine. To bring this item into the spring I would pair is with a pair of espadrilles and sunnies (as you can see pictured above). I have linked where you can shop dresses – HERE

What are a couple of items from winter that you are definately bringing into spring and what clothes are you vibing for the SS19 season? On the runways I am for sure seeing a lot if black mixed with nude tones and you can see this reflecting on my instagram feed also. A lot of my recent pieces have been from Femmeluxefinery so do make sure you check my tags and don’t miss out their gorgeous unique pieces as I can guarantee you will be re-wearing a lot of them in the future months. What was your favourite outfit? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!




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