Before we get started… hello new blog layout! I’ve had ideas of redesigning my blog for a couple of months now especially because I wanted you all to be able to navigate around much easier than before and I was so ready for change. So once you guys finish reading this post, please do have a look around at all the new features e.g. Shop My Wardrobe/ Wishlist.

If you haven’t come to the conclusion that I have found a new obsession as we step into the early days of September, then here it is in black and white.

My classic blazer or my Balmain on a budget as I like to call it has received an array of compliments since the purchase and as we step into the autumn season I have come to the conclusion that simplicity is key and it gives off the most luxury vibes when piecing clothes together. Now I am a girl like loves the product but not the price tag so, I have linked a similar blazer at a more reasonable price and also links to the whole outfit.


The silhouette that a blazer creates amazes me and also the lining and structure is vital when choosing your perfect one. I would highly recommend trying on any blazer in store before purchasing. General initiative right? However, if you’re anything like me in the past and just buy things straight off the bat and then get upset when you finally reach home and realise that it doesn’t fit correctly or you’re just not too keen on the fit personally for you – my recommendation comes in highly. Also pay attention to the detail and by this I obviously mean the buttons because they make or break a blazer for me. The number of buttons a designer adds can really be the deciding factor of a purchase. Not enough button detail suggests a “cheaper” look and too many buttons screams “tacky” so I would generally tend to go between 4-6 whether it is on the sleeve detail on the main body. The ratio should always balance one another out.

And now my final point when purchasing is to pay close attention to the way the blazer sits on the bust area. If you girls or guys haven’t realised already I have a larger bust area so this already creates many problems for me when I’m shopping around. You don’t want the lining of the blazer to sit behind either side of the bust as this suggests the item is too small. A little tip is to button up the blazer when you are trying it on, (even if you personally would like to style it open) and see if the material is pulling away from each other, almost stretching apart. If this shows then I would size up because you want it to sit perfectly over your bust, as if it was made just for you.

So, to summarise my points:

  1. Don’t impulse by, try it on in store
  2. Pay attention to the detail for the perfect luxury feel
  3. Make sure the fit compliments your bust area

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