Half way through the year already? Were you guys prepared for the heat because I was kind of caught off guard! Now it would be terrible of me to not share a these two items with you that I will be throwing on all summer when all else fails.

Now picture this… it’s a summers day and either your girls, boyfriend or mum comes up with last minute plans for the day and you have absolutely no clue what to wear. And mostly because at the moment it will be sunny throughout the day then, a bit of cloud early evening and by time it reaches 6pm it is chucking it down with rain. The two items are easy throw on items that won’t let you down and of course I have selected one more formal item and one more casual depending on your style.

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So the first item is the “Gíve in to me” oversized dress from femmmeluxefinery. As you can see pictured above this is an item you can throw on with sandals and a cute bag on a hot day and you are off. It causes no hassle and its one to keep at the front of your wardrobe because its perfect for running errands and easily worn and styled. Once again I’m showing you black items however, its a colour where you can’t go wrong! Very soon you will be seeing more colourful pieces from femmeluxefinery as I am heading my holibobs but, even this jumper would be more than perfect for an airport outfit as it’s light and cosy but also cool enough when you’re stepping out into a hot destination.

The second way you could possibly style this casual item is with cycling shorts and a pair of white trainers. As mentioned above this outfit would be great to run around in and if you aren’t comfortable wearing it as a dress then pairing some shorts underneath will give you the support you’re wanting. And why not dress it up? You can pull on a pair of strappy or perspex heels and look dressy enough to go on a night out in town.

Moving onto the next must have item is this insane patent skirt form femmeluxefinery. It was one I had to add in my basket straight away before I even thought of an outfit to go with it. It is a piece that is a bit risqué however, one you would wear with a lot of confidence. Its the right mix of sultry and fashionable and it’s a piece you could style an array of top pieces with to make it look new every single time!

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The skirt also comes with a waist tie that cinches you in by the waist to your comfort, creating a silhouette you never knew you had. A few pieces that could be easily styled with it on the top half is a one shoulders bodysuit, a frill top, a bandeau (off the shoulder) piece…the list goes on! Now I have selected this as an item you need because it’s that piece that is perfect when you’re not completely in the mood for a dress nor are you feeling dressy enough in trousers. The slit is long and high enough for it to be positioned at the front (as shown above) or to be positioned at the side – very versatile. Now I am more than confident you all would have and wear this at all times of the year whether it’s a baby shower, bridal shower, night out, garden party – you name it this is suitable for all. It is also fitted with a soft material in the inside so you won’t be overwhelmed with heat in this skirt. (There is nothing worse!) If you have a browse in both sections of the website I am sure you’ll find more you are in love with as I already have! Luckily for you guys femmeluxefinery are currently on an amazing sale online so the price of these two pieces are at one you cannot miss out on.

What are two items you. keep reaching for in your wardrobe and how different are they from mine?! Let me know! Happy shopping girls…

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