Have you ever felt like you need a break from your break? Let me explain. I’m sure most of you have heard the saying of ‘life coming at you real fast’ and that’s just an insight of my current situation. To quickly explain my lack of attendance to the school of social media that we all like to be in, it’s exactly that – life is moving at 100mph for me and I am barely coping. I still feel that I am in holiday mode from summer 2017 and haven’t quite left that mode of thought.

So here I am in March ’18 making up something I like to call my mix-week detox. I am taking about a 1 hour time slot to have some time and consequently this time is spent either in my shower or bath tub. So since I am making this a ‘thing’ it’s only fair that I share my top products that I have been using in that time.
Now for me it’s important to separate your daily showering products and your relaxation products because psychologically it’s not the same thing – trust me here, (even though I’m no expert on anything psychological) just take the leap of faith.

Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut luxury bath foam – HERE 

This item is my favourite entirely because it has a coconut scent to it – honestly no legit reason, I am just a sucker for coconut, what can I say… however, it is for the times you want to indulge and soak your skin in vanilla and coconut scented nourishment. This is a  100% natural bubble bath that has nourishing macadamia milk that leaves your skin feeling smooth with its conditioning effect. For my ladies that have sensitive skin, this product is perfectly fine for you to use as it has gentle coconut cleansers. 


These next two products are perfect to cover your body in after indulging in your bath or shower (which ever tickles your fancy).

This is one I use when I decide to have a bit of a detox in the early afternoon, when I’m not quite ready to go and settle in the evening yet, I need to take some time out. This oil leaves you smelling amazing as it is blended with uplifting lightweight essential oils. So, mid week, after university when I finish in the early afternoon you can guarantee I have this all over my skin!

Now for those who know me, you’d know that as soon as I got this, I’d use this the most. I love anything that gets me ready to have the best night sleep! This body oil has more of a calming scent with nourishing argan and buriti oils. Definitely grab this one for your “go-to” body oil when its relaxation that you need. Mixed with the Tahitian Vanilla and Coconut luxury bath foam you’re setting up the perfect evening for yourself!



This post is in collaboration with Tropicskincare. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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