Approximately on Tuesday 10th April I had the most amazing experience at Elemis in Birmingham Bullring Debenhams and I can definitely say that I approve of this experience for you guys to try!

My beauty therapist Katie first gave me an in-depth skin analysis using their 3D technology in which I could see the details of my skin. She explained very simply what the technology had picked up to be my areas of concern and to my surprise it was very accurate.

So between me and you guys, in my early teens when I had just discovered makeup I used a brand that broke me out very badly and I couldn’t bare with it so, I did the unthinkable and picked at every spot I had. Now this has left me with slight acne scarring. Nothing that I’m embarrassed of but, I find that I always need to conceal before applying my foundation and if I could eliminate that step in my makeup routine it would make life a lot easier.

Now moving onto my 30 minute Dynamic Resurfacing Facial… (Sounds great right? That’s because it was.) Katie explained to me that this facial involves that action of enzymes eating away at my dead skin cells and that it is patented. Meaning… Elemis are the only brand that are allowed to use 3 enzymes together in products to help benefit the skin.

I haven’t lost you yet have I?

This facial not only did what it claimed to do but it also involves the most therapeutic shoulder and neck massage that you could only dream of using massage techniques Elemis have structure themselves to benefit us. The consumer.

After my lovely facial Katie sat with me to explain what products she would recommend for me and gave me a bit of an insight to what Elemis stands for as a brand.


Products Recommended 

How often should we be having facials? 

What can the counter offer customers & price?

What does elemis stand for as a brand ?

Elemis is an all natural brand that do not test on animals, they have a vegan range and are clinically proven to work. Their products don’t include the use of any alcohol or parabens and they use the first extract from natural products so, they are concentrated in its strongest form. 

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