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As of recently it has almost become uncomfortable for me to layer a lot of product on my skin as I have become skincare crazy in preparation for my holiday later on this year. One thing that makes maybe all of our lives difficult, is the temperamental English weather. If it’s not a breakout then it’s drying skin and a lot of texture. Everything no body wants.

This time around I have been paying a lot of attention to my skin and finding out what it does and does not like. In light of that, I have drastically toned down the amount of makeup I wear on a day to day basis and minimalist but effective makeup has become my go-to.

In today’s beauty post I will be sharing with you my 6 favourite go-to glow products from NARS Cosmetics. If you are unaware I am a makeup artist for this brand so caution – major bias ahead however, who better than someone who wears their products almost religiously everyday right?

1 | Radiance Primer SPF 35

2 | Orgasm Illuminator

3 | Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm

4 | Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser

5 | Radiant Creamy Concealer

6 | Sheer Glow Foundation

My absolute number one recommendation for healthy, radiant and glowy skin is the radiance primer. This primer has SPF 35 inside and is stunning when worn on its own. It is also perfect mixed in with your foundation allowing you to cut down the use of excessive makeup on the skin. If any of you are new to the use of an illuminator it is something that would be pictured next to the word glow in a dictionary. It’s an addition to your makeup routine but one you’ll never put down once you start using it; I find it’s used best to highlight the high points of your skin once you have completed complexion in your routine. Next up is the orgasm afterglow lip balm, now this product I have only recently started picking up but nevertheless using it everyday! It is apart of my go to lip combination and paired with any brown liner for the perfect moisturised pinky-nude lip.

Now onto the main complexion products that are a “power couple” according to me, myself and I but, I’m sure many agree. The sheer glow foundation and the radiant creamy concealer. Nothing has quite worked this well together in my eyes and its something every girl needs in their makeup collection. The foundation is very lightweight but gives a perfect amount of coverage all over the skin. If you have dry skin this is perfect as it gives you the dew you’ve always wanted and if you’re more on the oily side like myself you can also use it but I wouldn’t use as much as we naturally produce oils throughout the day. And finding the right shade in your concealer is essential to achieve the minimalist look. I would suggest 2/3 shades lighter than your foundation shade (not that this isn’t common knowledge) but, if you are unsure then that can be a guide for you. Lastly, is the pure radiant tinted moisturiser. Now if you have great skin this will be a holy grail for you, many articles have recently been released about this product and everything they say is ultimately true, it gives your skin a boost of moisture and it is everything you are looking for if you live for BB cream type formulas with the benefit of having SPF 30 integrated into it.

If you haven’t tried out NARS Cosmetics before, give these a go and I promise they will be some of your top staple items!


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