If you guys were tuned into my Instagram stories a couple of weeks ago you would’ve seen that I had a facial, my hair styled and a prosecco all on a lovely Tuesday morning. This was all done by the lovely staff at RMUK. They invited me down for the morning to show you all in Leeds and surrounding areas the amazing services they offer as it is a little hidden gem in our beautiful city.

To begin with, I had a beautiful Hydra-dermie facial by Becki. Hydra-dermie? Strange name for a facial, right? But I can honestly say that I left the massage room feeling very well cleansed and fresh faced. (So, much that I spent the day in the city centre with nothing on!) This is a 1hour and 15-minute facial, including a consultation, that works very well with dehydrated and congested skin. If you babes have read my other posts you’d know I have very oily skin so this was right down my street. This facial is described as purifying and made to deep cleanse the skin.
To make it easy for you guys I asked Becki a few questions to give you a clear breakdown of what this facial can offer…

Who can benefit from this Facial?

• Anyone who has any skin concerns
• Anyone who wants anti-ageing effects long term
• Those who have pigmentation
• Sensitivity
• Those looking for a natural radiance and glow to the skin

Why should clients choose this facial out of the others?

• It the “all seen, all dancing” facial for the company
• The “star of all beauty treatments”
• The only treatment with both galvanic and high frequency incorporated into it
• Dynamic treatment
• Targets specific concerns

What are the main benefits of having the Hydra-dermie?

• Rehydrates
• Deep cleanses
• Regenerates

Why should clients come to RMUK to receive this treatment?

• Luxurious rooftop bar
• Hidden gem
• High end Salon included
• Best treatments in Leeds
• The option of having double rooms – perfect for couples, mothers and daughters ect…
• The option of getting your hair done in a private salon room (religious reasons, personal reasons…)

The owner of the salon wanted to make sure I had the full experience with RMUK so I can share it with you babes. After my Hydra-dermie facial, I then went to have my hair styled with Laura. She taught me how to create the perfect frame for my face with my longer bangs (something I have been trying to master for years now!)

I don’t know about you guys but it was the perfect morning and RMUK is somewhere I will be taking my mama in the near future because it is the perfect place to go for a pamper with an amazing view from their rooftop bar. I do recommend you all give them a visit if you are in Leeds, UK because you won’t be disappointed.

I have attached pictures throughout this blogpost so you can see and envision how beautiful the interior was! Let me know if this is somewhere you’d love to go below!

This post is in collaboration with RMUK




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